Broken Link Checker- Monitor Your WordPress Blog For Broken Links

by Bilal Ahmad on August 13, 2010

Search engines don’t like broken links, so you must monitor your blog for broken links. If you have a lot of blogposts in your blog then it will be very difficult for you to find broken links in your posts. However there is no need to worry about, because WordPress allow you to automate the process through plugins and find all broken links in your blog, Even broken links in comments, pages and blogroll can be found easily using a WP Plugin.

broken links cheker Broken Link Checker  Monitor Your Wordpress Blog For Broken Links

Broken Link Checker is a great plugin that allow you to monitor your blog for broken links. It can easily monitor Posts, Pages, Comments, BlogRoll and every location to find any broken link and notify you. It will show you the location where broken link is located, you can then easily remove or modify the link.

How to use Broken Link Checker?

1. Download Broken Link Checker, and install in your blog.

2. To Configure the Plugin Go to Dashboard>Setting>Link Checker

Here you will find 5 main tabs, from where you can configure your plugin.

A. General Setting allow you to type number of hours the plugin will check every link. For example if you want your plugin to check every link in your blog after every 2 hours, then type 2 hours in Check Each Link Box. Similarly you can also enable Email Notification option from General settings. Whenever a broken link will be detected in your blog, thisĀ  plugin will notify you through email. You can also tweak broken links, for example you can stop search engines from following broken links etc…

broken link checker plugin Broken Link Checker  Monitor Your Wordpress Blog For Broken Links

B. Look For Links in option allow you to select places where plugin will be checking broken links. For example in Posts, Pages, Comments and Custom URLs(You can manually enter URLs so that the plugin can check if links are broken or not).

look for links in Broken Link Checker  Monitor Your Wordpress Blog For Broken LinksC. 3rd option is Which Links to Check, which is by default HTML Links and HTML Images. If you want to exclude images, then un check the option for HTML Images. However the default setting is more helpful.

D. 4rth Option is Protocols and APIs that is the main feature of this plugin. It uses Basic HTML method to check broken links in your blog. Other options or for premium users.

F. The last option is Advance, from where you can configure plugin according to your blog need. For example you can increase the default 20 seconds timeout limit to whatever you want. Timeout tells the plugin that if a link is taking more the 20 seconds in loading then marked it as a broken link.
Other options are also easily understandable, you can force check all your blog for broken links using Re-Check All Pages button.

How to Find Broken Links?

6. Go to Dashboard>Tools>Broken Links

broken links Broken Link Checker  Monitor Your Wordpress Blog For Broken LinksFrom here you can find all the details about broken links and redirected links. Update, Remove or modify the links from here with just a few clicks. Enjoy this grea plugin and Subscribe to our RSS Feed to get more Reviews and Tutorials.

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