A new plugin is developed to allow newbies to customize 20 different settings of there wordpress blog from within one place. No matter if you have less knowledge about wordpress customization, still you can now easily customize your blog in the way you wish. WP Total Hack Plugin allow you to add a favicon to [...]

The Official Robo.to Plugin Review

by Bilal Ahmad on May 21, 2011

The Official Robo.to Plugin created by Particle is a great plug-in allowing you to personalize your WordPress page with a 4-second video avatar. First, sign up and get a free Robo.to account. Robo.to is a social service that lets you record video updates and share it with whoever you like. Then activate the plug-in in [...]

Ultimate Google Analytics Plugin Review

by Bilal Ahmad on May 14, 2011

After long delay finally i am back to share more useful and great wordpress plugins with all WPPB readers. Today i want to grab your attention to one of the best tracking plugin called “Ultimate Google Analytics” which is developed by Wilfred van der Deijl. Ultimate Google Analytics allow you to add google analytics javascripts [...]

WP Auto Affiliate Links is another very useful plugin that will help you in converting keywords into clickable links to its product pages. It is similar to SEO Smart Link plugin but with limited features. For example if you want to link only 2 or 3 keywords per post, then the plugin has no such [...]

WordPress Video Sitemap Plugin Review

by Bilal Ahmad on April 1, 2011

If you have embed youtube videos in your blogpost you would surely want to let the search engines like Google.com index the videos and include in search result pages. In order to index a video you need to create a video sitemap in your blog. For that you need to install a plugin called “WordPress [...]

Internal linking is one of the powerful technique to improve ranking of targeted keywords and increase the number of links for a post. You can interlink posts manually or you can use keyword strategy plugin to automate the process. It is similar to SEO Smart Link plugin that enables you to automatically link keywords with [...]

Xhanch is a free wordpress plugin that allows you to display latest tweets, retweets, direct mesages and replies on your blog sidebar. You have the ability to exclude or hide tweets or retweets, customize it according to your blog design, add in sidebar, post or pages. You can also retweet posts directly from your blog [...]

WordPress User Manual Plugin

by Bilal Ahmad on March 23, 2011

WordPress User Manual Plugin is developed for businesses who create blogs for their clients based on wordpress platform. It has more then 30 high quality videos and 100 of online user manual that explains each and every feature of wordpress. The plugin helps in saving your time by resolving your clients queries regarding the usage [...]

Post n Page Views Plugin perform 3 basic functions. No.1 it will add a column in admin panel in from of every post to show you the its total page views. No.2 it will add a column for Pages to show you its total page views and No.3 it will display total number of page [...]

If you are a affiliate marketer, you must be aware of the importance of Landing and Sales Pages. You may lose a potential customer if your landing page is very poor and you can even convert a accidentally visitor to your customer if your sale page is attractive and well designed. WordPress Platform is missing [...]