Ultimate Google Analytics Plugin Review

by Bilal Ahmad on May 14, 2011

After long delay finally i am back to share more useful and great wordpress plugins with all WPPB readers. Today i want to grab your attention to one of the best tracking plugin called “Ultimate Google Analytics” which is developed by Wilfred van der Deijl.

Ultimate Google Analytics allow you to add google analytics javascripts in each and every page of your blog for tracking purpose without making any changes in your template files. If you are not good in HTML and coding things then you can easily add GA code in your blog with the help of this great plugin called “Ultimate Google Analytics’.

You just need to paste your Google Analaytics Account ID that you can find in your google anaytics account. If you don’t know how to find it, then follow this article.

The plugin provides you simple Check and Un Check options to enable or disable any feature for your GA account. For example if you want the plugin to stop tracking Admin page, then just uncheck the option “Track Admin Page” and that’s it. Your admin page visits will no more count in your googel analytics result.

Similarly you can also enable the option of tracking out going links and liks to downloads (e.g pdf, exe, word, html etc..).

The basic function of this plugin is that you don’t need to add Google Analytics javascripts for each and every page and link to track its result, but simply you can install this plugin and it will automate the whole process with one click features. You just need to customize the plugin according to your requirements.

How to Install Ultimiate Google Analytics Plugin?

1. Download Ultimate Google Analytics and install in your blog and then activate it. Install the latest version to get a bug free copy.

2. Go to Setting>UGA and go through the setting page to customize it.

You can tick to option to let the plugin exclude your own visits, you can mention the file formats that you want to track when some one download it (good for websites which offers downloads), enable or disable tracking of links in comments or content, track external and internal links ans so on..

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Delena Silverfox May 18, 2011 at 12:50 am

Wow, already I can see just how much of an awesome time saver this plugin is going to be. Adwords has always been such a pain, and I find every reason under the sun to avoid having to deal with it. Maybe not so anymore!



Rahil June 1, 2011 at 11:33 pm

thanks for this info
now i am using this plugin for my blog ,its really good and helpfull


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